Interview Real Estate Agent Questions

Finding the Right Probate Real Estate Agent
Sale of probate real estate and traditional real estate can be very different experiences. That’s why it’s important to find a specialized real estate agent who will assist you in the probate process and make your real estate sale go smoothly. Finding an agent who has experience with probate real estate or trust properties can be tricky so here are a few simple questions you can ask to be sure that you find the right real estate agent with the right experience – someone who knows exactly how to help you.
Interview Real Estate Agent Questions:
How much experience do you have in probate and trust sales? Specifically, how many people did you help last year?
An experienced probate real estate agent should be happy to answer any questions you have about their past probate sales.
Do you have a list of references?
The right real estate agent for you will be eager to provide you with contact information for the executors of estate, probate administrators and trustees – people just like you that they have helped.
What sets you apart from other agents?
Look for a real estate agent who is confident and has experience that is relevant to your probate or trust sale.
How do you market probate and trust properties?
The right agent should have a marketing plan that will help to sell your real property quickly and for the best price and terms – getting the estate the highest proceeds possible.
Asking these questions and considering the answers carefully will help you to identify the right probate real estate agent for you.


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