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Selling a Probate House in a Trust? 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

  1. The number one mistake that Executors, Administrators or Trustees (the Personal Representative or PR) make is setting the asking price of the probate or trust property too high. The result is homebuyers will not choose to view the interior of the property.


  • This lengthens the amount of time the house remains on the market unsold.
  • Unfortunately this happens because either the Realtors provide out of date or incorrect information and/or the Estate PR chooses to “test” the market with an above market value list price.
  • The frequent result is a frustrated Executor, Administrator, or Trustee, as well as, the beneficiary and heirs.


  1. Not understanding the difference between Realtors.


  • The Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist  (CPRES) designation can easily be acquired by a Real Estate Agent attending a seminar and taking a test.
  • A Real Estate Consultant and Probate Expert is a rare thing. It takes years of experience successfully helping hundreds of Executors, Administrators and Trustees with real estate in Probate and Trusts.
  • Having someone that understands the legal requirements and regulations, the contractual documents and timelines, plus has interacted with other professionals in the business such as attorneys, professional fiduciaries and referees.


  1. Not preparing the probate or trust house for homebuyer viewings.


  • Taking care of the decedent’s personal property.
  • Completing cost-effective repairs prior to putting the real estate on the market.
  • Unless selling the trust or probate house completely as-is, having the house and yard clean will improve the buyer interest.


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