Selling a property with multiple people on title

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with the multiple conversation and delays in trying to sell a property? While at the same time the bills and unexpected costs are pilling up? No one is on the same page on how to move forward in the situation. Several parties on the title are not available for days when urgent decisions need to be made. Unforeseen circumstances keep popping up due to the delays. Are you or someone you know in this situation and curious on how to resolve it?

When dealing with selling property that has multiple parties on the title it can be challenging. Especially, when it has been in the family for generations. From my experience, I have found that there are 3 steps that will help to create a speedy and smooth transaction when an unfortunate situation like this comes about.

These are three major areas to address first.
Collect legal docs, determine who is on the title, assign official signer

Now let’s get started, I will go into detail about why each of these three areas are important.

1. Collect all legal documents
This may be a challenging step because if the decedent died a generation ago the paper may have been lost.

2. Determine Who is on Tile
I have found that a person on the tile may have passed away and left it to a family member. 

3 Official Signer
Now that you have documents, actual owners on the title, now pick one trusted person to be the signers for all. This person will make all decisions on behalf of the parties evolved.

In my recent dealings with multiple parties on a title, these steps were the best and most advantageous way to remove the overwhelm. The sale of the home moved forward quickly and all parties were extremely pleased.

If you find yourself in this situation it is best to have an experienced guide on your side. From my many years in leading and protecting I can tell you every situation is unique and may need a little tweaking. So please reach out I am here to help you on the journey.