Should I Fix a Probate Property Before Selling

Should I Fix a Probate Property Before Selling

Your question is to Repair or Not Repair before listing your probate property for sale. This is a very important question; and the answer varies in every situation. We will answer it by completing a room-by-room evaluation of the house. During my evaluation, I will discuss cost effective ways to improve the marketability of your home sale, entice buyers to view the house and increase the net dollar amount of the sale itself.

I will make recommendations and help you determine if you, as the personal representative for the probate estate, chose to provide the funds for the repairs or sell the property as is.

You can count on me to provide you with all the information, including approximate expenses for repairs, and/or cleaning. And then you always make the decision.

In most cases there will be some basic expenses, such as removal of the remaining personal property, all the items left after the family members and friends choose their mementos, plus cleaning and securing the house prior to placing it on the market and making it available to buyers.

You can be assured that my team and I will help by guiding you through the process.


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