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Staging Techniques That Homebuyers Don’t Like

When staging a house, it’s important that you remove anything and everything that will distract a homebuyer from all the great things your home has to offer. I’m not talking about major renovations; what I am talking about is cleaning, decluttering, and maybe some paint. I always recommend cost-effective repairs and updates that will maximize buyer interest. Staging a house is one of the things that can highlight the positives in your house. It’s important that you avoid the biggest pitfall of over-staging the property.

  1. Clutter: Remove Clutter when staging your house to sell.

Decluttering the house will make the listing photos more attractive, enticing more homebuyers to want to view the house. Keep in mind that homebuyers are going to look in the closets and under the sinks. It’s important to remove all the extra belongings completely. Removing the extra personal property is important, especially all of the old furniture. Leaving old, rundown items in the house will not make a positive impression on homebuyers.

  1. If I can smell it, I can’t sell it.

Homebuyers don’t like overpowering smells. Beware of overwhelming homebuyers with strong scents, including too many air fresheners. Consider having the carpets cleaned to both look better and smell better when staging a house.

  1. Don’t waste your money on the wrong renovations.

Don’t paint the walls with a pop of color that appeals to you; homebuyers prefer a neutral pallet. An outdated bathroom can be improved with inexpensive cabinet hardware or a new light fixture and mirror. And proper staging of all the rooms can help a buyer visualize themselves living there. Having an experienced real estate advisor, like me, is crucial.  I have guided many sellers to determine which renovations provide the greatest return on investment, helping their properties to sell easily in any market.