The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Are you curious about kitchen trends for 2020?

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Kitchen-lovers—here are the most popular kitchen design trends you can expect in 2020:

Large islands are a prominent feature in kitchen design today. In a survey of 2,600 homeowners conducted by a home remodeling website, one-third of the responders said they added an island in their kitchen during their remodel, and nearly a quarter of them said they upgraded an existing island in their kitchen.

Islands are also getting bigger. A third of those polled had kitchen islands that measured seven feet long, and 39% of responders had a kitchen island that was between six and seven feet.

Two in five renovating homeowners added or upgraded their island cabinets for contrasting shades in their main cabinets; gray was the most popular choice, followed up by blue and black.

These stats show that it’s important to make sure your kitchen island shines; homebuyers are sizing them up!


Contrasting the colors of the countertop with those of the island was a common theme among remodelers. For this, white was the most popular choice, followed by a medium wood.

Remodelers also made sure their islands had storage features, including spaces for appliances like microwaves, garbage disposals, and beverage refrigerators.

Here are a few additional popular kitchen trends that emerged from the survey:

  • Taller backsplashes that stretch from at least the beginning of the cabinets or the range hood to the ceiling, if they don’t start from the countertops. White, multicolor, or gray were the most popular color choices.
  • Vinyl flooring is becoming trendy for kitchens, even more so than hardwood, since vinyl is water-resistant.
  • For cabinets, white shaker continues to be the most popular, followed by medium wood or gray. The shaker style is by far the most popular among remodelers.
  • Recessed lights are becoming the most popular lighting fixture, followed by under-cabinet lights and pendant lights.

Hopefully, these trends gave you some ideas about things to try with your kitchen! If you have any questions about home design trends or remodeling projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be glad to advise you!