Helping a Personal Representative Through the Real Estate Process

Let’s talk about a family when the loved one has passed away and left a home full of memories. The attorney and family members know that the house needs to be sold to settle the estate. That is the practical side of the situation. The emotional side can be complicated.

As a Real Estate Consultant that specializes in helping personal representatives with houses in an estate, I easily recognize strong attachment to the decedent’s home.
As a trusted advisor, my job is to guide the seller, personal representative of the estate (PR) through the myriad of details to prepare, market and successfully sell the house. I do this well by being the buffer between the transactional process for the PR.

When a seller has enjoyed their home and has many family memories there, it is understandable and reasonable, that they are attached.
Many personal representatives have shared that my team helped to make the transition easier. The responsibility of closing out a person’s estate is huge. Having the right people, people that can ease that transition is crucial.
We become a team that includes the personal representative, attorney and my team at Volsch Team. The triad that will start and finish the process together and, sometimes it is bitter sweet for the PR.
Recently a client was prepared to sell a house that had been in the family for 45 years. A lot had happened in that house and there were many memories stored in the hundreds of boxes in the garage. It was a surprise to the seller that she had such a strong reaction to sifting through all the treasures and items that had been accumulated throughout a lifetime. This is a case where compassion is called for, respecting the PR and allowing all the time needed.
This is where a trusted advisor can guide the personal representative to receive the help needed for the tasks that can be delegated as well as introducing the PR to people that can help them. Some of those helpers may be:

  • Licensed organizer
  • Antiques dealer
  • Buy Out or Liquidation Company
  • Charity for donation
  • Shredding company
  • Contractor or handyman
  • Cleaning company

Easing the burden by supporting the personal representative and, on occasion, their family members through the process is what I do and I’m very good at it. It is truly an honor to be part of the closure process. The PR and I start working together as strangers and come to trust each other. My purpose is for my clients to be outrageously happy with the help we provide. And, for me, my helping personal representative clients is truly rewarding.

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