Organizing Your Probate or Trust Real Estate Sale

You fly into the area, get your rental car, and drive to the estate property. You open the front door and see all the personal items left behind. As you walk through the house, you wonder how to best handle all that needs done to sell the house.
Your attorney has helped you to obtain any documentation giving you the authority over the personal property and real estate. You may have a week or just a few days before you need to return home because you have your own life. You wonder how to best use the time available to you and how to simplify the process.
Now is the time to talk with a probate and trust real estate expert, like me, who can help you organize the details. It’s not important that you choose me to help you prepare, market and successfully sell the real estate. What is important is that you choose someone, like me, who has the experience and can help you with all the details necessary to sell the real estate.
Experience shows the most overwhelming task is once you’ve chosen your mementos, what to do with the remaining personal items? I have successfully helped many administrators, executors and trustees and helped ease that overwhelming task.
I’m Charlotte Volsch and I can be reached at 760-912-8905. We can talk about your exact circumstances and give you accurate answers to your questions.

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