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How to give your Inland Empire & High Desert home the “WOW” factor

If you have ever participated in a weekend of showing of any Inland Empire or High Desert real estate, you will have noticed that some houses make you feel welcome while others make you feel like you need to turn and run as soon as you step in the front door. I imagine you are curious about what is it that makes one home more desirable over another of the same value. Often times this appeal is created simply by preparing the house in a way that helps each buyer visualize his or her future home. In the real estate industry, this preparation is known as “staging”.


It is no secret that staging your home before placing it on the market helps to draw in interested buyers. Staging is the best way to show the allure of your property and to generate demand. Because over 96% of buyers start their home search online, having a home staged for professional photos is key. The question that I often find my clients ask me about staging is, “Where do I start?” There are many ideas about what staging means and, as a seller, you may wonder how to create sufficient interest in your house so that you can sell it for top dollar.


First, take a look at your budget; what are you willing to spend? If you have a high budget, you might consider painting the walls or replacing the carpet. If your budget is limited, then simply removing unnecessary items, such as family photos or that collection of snow globes, may be the way to go.

In all cases, having the house thoroughly cleaned is always a good choice; you can handle this, or you can hire a professional. Once you have determined your budget, you should take a look around the house, determine your home’s assets, and then stage the house to accentuate those assets.

Here are a few examples:

. If a home has a lot of windows, but there are a lot of trees blocking the sunlight. In this case, having the trees trimmed will allow for more natural light to shine into the house.

. There is a fireplace in the living room. Try placing a mirror or colorful painting and a few decorative items on the mantle and arrange the furniture in such a way that the fireplace is the central focal point.

The master bedroom is on the cozier size. Remove all the unneeded furnishings so that the room appears larger.

When staging, small touches can really make all the difference. I always explain to my home sellers that, because you are moving, you will soon be packing up your personal property anyway. Think of how a model home appears because that is what we are creating. Along with your personal collections, you should also consider removing any over-personalized décor. A few pillows on the couch and beds will give the place a comfortable and welcoming feel. By removing your personal photos and collections, you are “setting the stage” for home buyers to visualize themselves living in the house.

If you have difficulty with the process of staging, find a real estate broker, like me, who can help you. Clients have told me that they were so pleased that I was on their team and that makes me very happy. My purpose is to apply my years of experience to get my clients the best return on their investment. So please feel comfortable calling me to talk about your exact circumstances. We can tackle any staging issues you may be facing and come up with a creative solution to get your Inland Empire or High Desert home the buyer interest you need. I look forward to helping you through the preparation, including the staging, the marketing, and the successful sale of your home.