Why You Need A Probate Real Estate Agent To Sell That House

As a personal representative of an estate, either an Executor or Administrator it can be hard to find valuable information that will guide you in the direction of getting the most revenue for you and the beneficiaries of the estate. There are countless articles letting buyers know how to buy probate cheaply so that they can turn them around quickly and sell the probate property for a profit. However, there are a few websites that are geared towards helping you, as the personal representative and the seller, avoid these traps so that you are not swindled out of the money that the decedent’s estate and beneficiaries deserve. That is why you need a probate real estate agent to guide and advise you.

Cash buyers are one of the most well known for convincing personal representatives that it will be quicker and easier if they sell directly to them and accept a lesser sales price. They are bargain hunters that prey on probate sellers who have little knowledge about the housing market. Having an experienced real estate broker, like me, who has spent several years working to help sellers, like you, get the most for their probate property will save you from underselling when experience shows more generous offers will be available.

Sometimes a probate seller is rushed to sell the property quickly by the other beneficiaries or to settle debts attached to the estate. Don’t let yourself be pushed into anything too quickly. You might feel like there isn’t any time left, but if you have a skilled probate real estate advisor who will walk you through what is normal for a probate sale like yours and also refer you to professionals who can help you settle any problems that come up during the process.  Don’t let someone undersell your probate property; give me a call so that I can help guide you through selling with ease for the greatest return. Curious about home value?

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