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Avoiding Emotional Speed Bumps and Blow-Ups When Selling Probate Property

As real estate experts, we view preparing a property for sale as an essential task in a familiar process. Executors, administrators, and personal representatives, even those that have sold numerous properties previously, are unprepared for the emotional reactions of themselves and others.

It is common for family members to be surprised by highly charged emotions that unexpectedly appear. All the things that must occur prior to selling a property amplify emotional triggers. Ignoring the emotional aspect escalates confusion and disorder.

Figuring out how to make it manageable is the goal. It is what is needed to move on – for the family members and the professionals helping them. Mindfulness, preparation, and skilled support not only assist the process itself, but it also results in valuable benefits for probate teams and clients.

  • Proper accounting and disposition of belongings
  • Avoiding delays and missed deadlines
  • Better communication and clarity among the various parties.
  • Reduced friction and disagreements
  • Better or less frustrating and therefore more referable experience
  • less frustration and stress for professionals serving the estate clients

When someone inherits the contents of a parent’s household, they often struggle with what to do with all that accumulation of a loved one’s life while honoring their loved one. This state of overwhelm is not the optimal place for decision-making. Intellectually, we understand this; emotionally, not so much. A loved one’s personal property has memories and emotions attached to them. That’s where the overwhelm creeps in. What memories/items are kept?

Sorting through it all is physically, mentally, and emotionally overwhelming. We are here to help by connecting you with professionals with the right expertise to guide you through this part of your journey, preferably with empathy or even a few moments of understanding laughter, and within the timelines of probate reality.